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Super Duty Full-Flow Engine Oil Filters
Super Duty Oil Filters
Product Code: SDF

Please note that SDF57 filter is now superseded by the new SDF51 SDF Filters are composed of a special Cellulose, Synthetic and Glass Blend Media to provide longer life and improved efficiency.Super Duty Oil Filters Performance tests demonstrated that AMSOIL SDF Filters provide over 75 percent better combined efficiency/capacity than other popular filters.

AMSOIL SDF Filters contain a combination of cellulose, synthetic and glass blend media to provide longer life and improved efficiency. An oil pressure relief valve assures proper oil flow at all times under all operating conditions. Each heavy-duty case has a drawn steel double-crimp at the base with a rolled-under seaming. A proprietary elastomer anti-drain back valve keeps dirty oil in the filter when engine is not running.

AMSOIL Oil Filter Cross Reference Guide for SDF

For Cars, Light Trucks, and
Heavy Duty Trucks

Oil filters are expected to perform a variety of tasks. First, they must have the ability to flow an adequate volume of oil, while keeping restriction to a minimum. Second, in order to provide adequate service life, they must possess adequate particle storing capacity. Third, they must be efficient enough to remove contaminants of a given size range.

Oil is the life blood of an engine, and its constant flow is essential for proper lubrication of engine components and the prevention of friction, heat and wear. Engine components rely on the oil circulation system to deliver a steady and adequate supply of motor oil, and it is up to the oil filter to ensure fast and efficient flow through its media.

The removal of particles and contaminants from the oil stream is essential in keeping wear to a minimum. The smaller the size of the openings in the filtration media, the more efficient the filter in removing contaminants. However, the smaller the size of the openings, the more difficult it is for oil to flow through. This is known as the flow/efficiency compromise. High-quality filters must strike a good balance between flow and efficiency.

Filtration efficiency can be measured through SAE test method HS 806B. Measuring the ability of a filter to remove a known contaminant from the oil stream, results are reported as the percent of contaminant removed over a period of time.

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The graph below shows the time-weighted efficiency of nine flow-flow oil filters using SAE test method HS 806B. All filters are of the same size and are recommended for the same application. Test results indicate that the AMSOIL SDF-15 offers up to 36 percent greater filtration efficiency than competing oil filters.

As filters continually remove contaminants from the oil stream, they eventually become obstructed, compromising flow and shortening the life of the filter. SAE test method HS 806B also measures an oil filterís capacity by noting the amount of contaminant it takes to increase resistance across the filtration media by a given degree.

AMSOIL Super Duty Filters
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The graph below shows the filtration capacity of the same nine full-flow oil filters using SAE test method HS 806B. Test results indicate that the AMSOIL SDF-15 offers a contaminant holding capacity up to 185 percent greater than competing oil filters.

AMSOIL Super Duty Oil Filters
Most conventional oil and air filters make use of paper as the filtration media. While displaying good flow characteristics, these conventional filters are limited in their ability to catch and store particles, become obstructed quickly and require frequent replacement.

Built to Last

  Heavy-duty, drawn steel housing protects against burst and pulse damage.
  Steel coil spring helps the filter keep its shape and maintains a positive load on internal components.
  Two evenly spaced glue bead supports help ensure flow through the entire pleat surface and reduce media fatigue between oil changes.
  Fluted-rib spiral center tube protects against pressure surge damage.
  Double-rolled, tuck lock seam between the heavy duty baseplate and the housing protects against leakage during normal and high pressure operations.
  High strength, corrosion-resistant, heat damage-resistant gasket for long gasket life.
AMSOIL Super Duty Oil Filters (SDF) are composed of a special cellulose, synthetic and glass blend media, providing a ready flow of oil to engine components, superior contaminant-removing efficiency and extended service life. AMSIL SDF Oil Filters may be used for intervals of 12,500 miles or six months (whichever comes first).

The filters rugged construction plays an important role, too. For example, the Super Duty's steel coil spring, which centers the filter element inside the filter housing, springs back to its original shape after the filter's been subjected to shock loads. That helps the filter maintain its seal so oil flows through the media, not around it. Similarly, the Super Duty's fluted-rib spiral center tube stands up to pressures that may collapse the one-piece rolled tubes used in conventional oil filters. A collapsed center tube allows virtually all the oil to by-pass the filter media and circulate unfiltered.

Who Needs the Super Duty?
The AMSOIL Super Duty Oil Filter's rugged construction and high-tech media make it ideal for motorists who extend their oil drain intervals, drive hard, want to make their engines last or, bottom line, want the best filter available.

The Big Picture

When you look at the big picture, the overall superiority of the AMSOIL SDF Oil Filter makes a big difference.

Oil filters need good efficiency and good capacity to protect engines. Those with poor efficiency fail to trap a significant portion of particles large enough to damage the engine. Those with poor capacity fill quickly, and once filled allow dirty oil to bypass the filtration media, circulate unfiltered and damage the engine. Capacity becomes an especially critical issue with extended oil drain.

The AMSOIL Super Duty Oil Filter offers superior efficiency and capacity to those offered by other popular filters. While some other filters offer good efficiency, they do not offer nearly the capacity of the AMSOIL SDF. For those who wish to extend their oil drain intervals -- or even for those who simply go too long on an oil change -- the extra safety offered by the AMSOIL SDF Oil Filter makes a big difference.

SAE HS806 Filtration Efficiency SAE HS806 Filter Capacity
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Efficiency -- A filter's ability to trap contaminants. Capacity -- The amount of contaminants a filter media can hold without loss of oil flow and filtration.

The AMSOIL Super Duty Oil Filter (SDF) is designed to provide maximum filtration while meeting the high flow demands of modern automobiles. The AMSOIL SDF contains a special cellulose, synthetic and glass blend media that offers the best possible balance of long life, high capacity and overall efficiency.

Traps Dirt Throughout Media Thickness
The AMSOIL SDF has a lofted fiber depth-type media that traps dirt throughout its entire thickness for exceptional filtering efficiency. It keeps oil clean and free of wear-causing contaminants. The AMSOIL SDF Oil Filter provides up to 100 percent more capacity and up to 20 percent greater efficiency than other filters provide. It is ideal for use with extended oil drain intervals.

Built for Rugged Performance
The AMSOIL SDF has a heavy-duty case of drawn steel. The case is double-crimped at the base with rolled-under seaming to withstand extreme pressure surges and road shocks.

Assures Oil Flow with Relief Valve
On most filters a relief valve is provided to assure ample oil flow. It prevents oil starvation in the engine in the event the media becomes saturated.

Prevents Oil Drainage During Engine Shutdown
On filter installations where the mounting is sideways or upright, dirty oil could drain out of the filter when the engine is shut off. The AMSOIL SDF has an anti-drainback valve that keeps trapped contaminants in the filter when the engine is not running.

AMSOIL INC. recommends changing the AMSOIL SDF according to the following guidelines.

In petrol-fueled engines using any AMSOIL motor oil except AMSOIL XL-7500 Synthetic Motor Oil, change the filter at 12,500-mile or six-month intervals. In petrol-fueled engines using AMSOIL XL-7500 Synthetic Motor Oil, change the filter at 7,500-mile or six-month intervals. If a Hastings or other filter is used, filter should be changed at manufacturer recommendations.

In diesel-fueled large truck engines, change the filter(s) at the engine manufacturer's recommended oil change interval. In diesel-fueled light trucks, including pickups and vans, change the filter at 7,000-mile or six-month intervals.

When using an AMSOIL Oil Filter with conventional motor oils, refer to the owner's manual for the recommended oil filter change interval.

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